Utilizing Google News as Part of Your Content Strategy

Central to all genuine SEO efforts is creation and distribution of timely, useful content. If your brand is part of an industry with an impact on everyday life, or an enthusiastic user base, creating news articles is a great way to deliver value to your audience.

To be clear, news articles differ from standard informative articles. Things like how-tos, general informative articles, tips/advice articles, and so on don’t fall into the “news” category. Articles focused on events– personnel moves, industry announcements, data showing change over time in an industry, and so forth– are what people are looking for when it comes to the news.

If you produce (or plan to produce) news content, it’s very advisable to utilize Google News as a distribution channel. Google News is a subsection of Google that is dedicated to displaying news articles. It uses its own algorithm alongside an application process that ensures only relevant, timely news type content is displayed to users. There is even a news sitemap that Google encourages news publishers to use in order to aid their crawler in displaying the right content to the right users.

Google’s News section is a highly trusted resource for users, and is easily and widely accessible. It is therefore a potential goldmine for news publishers– and who wouldn’t investigate a goldmine? Read Google’s News Guidelines to see if your content or content strategy includes the right kinds of articles.

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