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SEOers are constantly trying to acquire new, effective strategies for increasing a business or brand’s online presence and customer base.  While we are already familiar with a variety of processes to implement in our SEO efforts, one that many may not have considered before is utilizing FAQ sections or Help Forums.

So, how exactly can this benefit your company?  Most importantly, this tactic allows for you to target long-tail search queries, specifically those questions that are most commonly asked by people are that searching for the products or services you provide.  Using keyword research, you are able to pinpoint the topics and searches that will put you at the top of Google and ultimately get more visitors to your site.

A great option for pursuing this strategy is to use a platform focused specifically on efforts such as these (GetSatisfaction, for example).  After compiling a list of the most important long-tail search queries, you can then optimize your FAQs/Help Forum accordingly and even create custom domains with a “Call to Action” function.  The easier you make it for a potential new customer to search for the answer to the question they are asking and end up at your site, the better.

Pairing this strategy with your other SEO efforts can prove to be more beneficial than you may think, especially if you are a brand or business that is limited in your marketing budget and is looking for new ways to boost visitors to your site and new customers.  So, do your keyword research, target those FAQ topics, and help those potential customers online see why your company is the best choice.


By Casey Guntlow

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