Using YouTube to Boost Non-Video Ads

Did you know that you can use YouTube to run your non-video ads and boost the effectiveness on other platforms? While using custom-created video advertising for the second-largest search engine is beneficial for your business, you can also learn how to effectively utilize your videos to use content across several platforms.

Using the Display Network to Show Ads

Video ads are primarily run to increase awareness of a product or brand, which means the reach is critical to the success of the campaign. Videos do not only need to be run as bumper ads prior to YouTube videos to be successful: they can also be used on the Display Network, a series of sites that partner with Google to show ads on sidebars and above the main menu. Some of these ads include:

Lightbox Ads

Lightbox ads are ideal for e-commerce businesses looking to drive traffic and sales of products as well as brand awareness. These ads can contain images or product feeds directly from your website or even videos! Lightbox ads are highly customizable and can contain messages and calls-to-action tailored specifically for the ad. These ads are generally run on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) strategy, meaning that you are only charged when the user hovers to expand the ad or clicks. Lightbox ads are only visible as a thumbnail until the user chooses to engage, and further actions are not charged after the initial engagement.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are used in smart display campaigns and are created when you don’t upload your own ads to the display network. Responsive is the default option for display network ads due to the variety of traffic and devices used to view partner sites. These are determined by Google to save time on content creation and make it easier to repurpose the ads for remarketing to past users. When a video is included, your reach is expanded. Your ad will need one square image and one landscape image, but the ad itself can include up to five total.


Have you ever logged into your Gmail account to see what appear to be unread messages at the top? These are Gmail ads! Gmail ads must contain at least one image or video in addition to your company’s logo but can contain more. If you are using videos, they must be on YouTube, where they can link directly to your channel or watch page.

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