Using Your Blog to Your SEO Advantage

If you go to any reputable website these days, you’ll likely find a blog implemented on the site. A blog is a great way to get traffic flowing to your site and can potentially lead to an eventual conversion. Sadly, there are plenty of companies and brands out there that aren’t utilizing their blog to its full potential. So, we’re here to provide you with a few simple ways you can improve your online visibility and traffic with a little help from your blog.

Aim to Target a Different Audience with Each Post

Odds are if you gathered your customers in a room, they probably wouldn’t all get along or be interested in the same thing. The same goes for your blog. Some posts are going to hit home for some customers while others are a complete miss. So, once you understand that, go into writing blogs with a specific portion of your target audience in mind. Not only will this allow you to optimize content meant for certain customer demographics, it’ll also give you the chance to target particular needs and solutions.

Optimize Your Blog Content

This may surprise you but improving your site’s SEO doesn’t always mean you have to draft new content. In fact, optimizing existing blog posts can be incredibly advantageous. So, go through your past posts and look for opportunities to include further on-page SEO. Some optimizing techniques you can use on your existing blog content include adding internal links to other relevant pages on the site, link one post to another related post, add images and optimize them, review your keywords, and ensure meta descriptions and title tags are in place. If you can elevate your existing blog content to new heights, you can save yourself from having to craft new content from time to time.

Share Your Blogs on Social Media

While you might view sharing new blog content on social media as redundant, it certainly is not. In fact, there are a bunch of benefits to sharing blog posts on your social media channels. For one, it gives you content to keep everything up to date and copacetic. Also, if your customers tend to surf your social media channels as opposed to your website then they can catch the blog content as it’s posted on your channels. The latter is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Social signals are also a ranking factor, so by posting your blog on your wall, you’re helping to improve your SEO results too! Lastly, posting links to social media increases overall referral traffic.

Your blog can do a lot more for you than you think, so use it to your advantage. Utilize our tips above to jump-start your blog’s performance and keep it optimized. Remember to follow best SEO practices and you’ll be good to go. Happy blogging!

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