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Using SEO Tools to Protect Your Site

Over the past couple of months there have been reports of several hacked and spam content appearing on Google Search Result Pages. Google has made an announcement that this increase is not related to recent algorithm updates. To help users be more aware of suspicious spam content, Google has at the bottom of a hacked site, “This Site May Be Hacked.” However, there are some simple tools to make sure your website stays safe and to avoid any hackers. Here are some defensive strategies:

  • Stay active on your website, scan your website to keep an eye out for any suspicious new content
  • Create unique, strong, and long passwords instead of  making passwords too simple like “password123”
  • Make sure all your data on your website is backed up and stored in case there is a breach
  • Installing Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools can help you easily monitor your traffic and info on your site
  • Having a hosting company that offers quality support & benefits can make your site more protected


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