Using Schema To Increase Organic Growth

Schema Markup is a type of programming language that is designed to help search engines crawl a website quickly for important & relevant information. This practice is used by a variety of search engines and platforms but the most common are Google, Bing, Edge, Firefox, and Yahoo to provide more relevant and accurate search results for users. Schema can be used in a variety of ways that can help promote important information on your website, it can be used to highlight a local business across a variety of industries, goods, and services. This can help as it will push your products higher up in SERPs as you can display information on goods and services regarding prices, and more information to help a user make a decision.

Using Schema to Increase Organic Growth

Rich Snippets: A rich snippet is basically any set of links underneath the search result. Most often this includes the main URL along with relevant pages such as a contact page, service page, product page, or even an FAQ. it can change based on the user search query and is designed to push the most important elements of your site to the top. Schema essentially allows any business to take up more retail space on page one regarding SERPs all while giving users easily accessible information that may drive them to convert on your site.

Improved Local  Search: One of the most common, and useful, applications are to promote a physical location. This communicates relevant location-based data to  Google which can help to increase search results for your business and the surrounding area. By providing local search schema you are effectively telling Google what your business does, and where it is located, which in turn helps the search engine by serving users with helpful, local, and informative information.

Product Highlights: Schema can be incredibly beneficial for an e-commerce site that wants to provide product reviews so that they display directly on search engine results.

Implementing & Testing Schema Markup

While schema utilizes code to condense information that so that it is easy to read via crawlers, the implementation process is fairly straightforward. To get started you simply need to have the information handy and simply enter it into a code generator that will create a line of code to implement on the back end of a website.

This Schema Markup Generator by Merkle is incredibly user friendly and can generate as many snippets as you can provide! Learn more about the various types of schema that can will benefit your business best. If you are unsure of what type of schema a site is utilizing, or curious to see if it was implemented properly, Google provides a free tool to verify any changes to see them in real-time.

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