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Using Pinterest To Promote Your Brand

Though Pinterest may not be a household name of a social media platform – like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for example, that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your attention, especially if you’re a business owner or social media marketer. In fact, in recent years, many have turned to Pinterest to further promote their brand, company, or service. In this blog, we’ll be exploring why you should consider using Pinterest, too! In addition to this, we will be discussing how to establish a strong presence on the platform, leading to heightened public interest in your company or brand. If that sounds interesting, let’s dive into more information below!

Pinterest 101

If you’re not already familiar with Pinterest, it is a social media platform that relies on the circulation of ‘pins’, the platform’s idea of ‘posts’ or content. A ‘pin’ can encompass a range of media, but most notably consists of pictures, videos, and links. In a sense, the platform can be likened to a digital scrapbook, where one keeps note of simply whatever they find interesting, and the areas of focus are seemingly endless. For example, ‘pins’ may include pictures of anything from recipes to fall decor ideas. Pinterest users can browse around and ‘pin’ whatever they may find useful or interesting.

In A Marketing Sense

The same way that businesses have established presence on the likes of Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest has become no exception for all manner of digital marketing. Conveniently, Pinterest has made it easy to create a business account and quickly get started on building your brand’s presence. Alternatively, if you have an existing, personal Pinterest, you can effectively convert it into a business account.

Generating Interest & Leads

After all, the primary reason for digital marketing is to increase leads, right? With Pinterest, you can guide users towards visiting your website or visiting your online store. A few tips on creating intriguing pins are:

Eye-Catching Visuals

There is no end to the amount of pins throughout the realms of Pinterest. As such, it’s smart to stand out from the rest by using eye-catching pins, namely with the likes of professional photography.

Incite Some Type of Action

As you would in most other social media content, you’ll want to use your pins to evoke some type of action out of the user – even if it’s something as simple as ‘visit our website!’ or ‘click here to learn more!’.

Take Advantage of the Product Feed

A neat feature of Pinterest, with the Product Feed, your products will automatically become pins for users to view and even purchase from. This is especially helpful if your business is in the likes of retail.

Looking To Improve Your Social Media Strategy?

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