Using Long-Tail Keywords to Build Short-Tail Rankings

Ranking for short-tail phrases is extremely competitive because they are used in such high-volume. Using long-tail keywords will help drive more traffic to your website since they are used in low-volume, making it easier to rank for them. If you’re having a hard time finding long-tail keywords to optimize for on your website, simply type in a long-term keyword that is related to your website and type it into a search engine. Use the results to your advantage and incorporate these keywords into your content along with the following tips.

Optimize for topics, interests & desires

For every keyword you type into a search engine, you’ll see thousands of additional keywords that are closely related to the exact search you made. You can’t possibly optimize your website every single one of these keywords but if you group your keywords into segments and focus on one specific segment, Google will dictate the information to a user to satisfy their needs. If you haven’t created seperate pages on your website for these targeted keyword segments, create them as soon as possible to help increase your rankings for those search rankings.

Don’t ignore short-tail keywords

Don’t throw away the short-tail keyword all together. By incorporating more long-tail keywords into your content, you are building up relevance for short-tail keywords. Focus on optimizing your pages for one short-tail keyword at a time and build up the long-tail keywords as you go. Use internal linking to similar content to build the relationship between short- and long-tail keywords.

Be patient

When optimizing your website for both short- and long-tail keywords, it’s important to set realistic expectations. Optimization takes time. Building authority on your pages with long-tail keywords will speed up the process of ranking for the high-volume short-tail keywords you want to rank for and will help build value for your users.
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