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Using Local SEO When Your Business Doesn’t Have a Physical Location

For business owners that don’t have a physical location, you may be wondering how you can utilize local SEO for your company. Since local search is extremely competitive, it can be even more difficult when you don’t actually have a location. Below are some tips on using local SEO when your business doesn’t have a location:

  1. For your category pages, you want to be focusing on consistently adding content. This will help your company show up in SERPs. Search on websites like Facebook and Twitter for content that is relevant to your business. Another great way to generate content is to find questions to answer about keywords your company is using.
  2. Take a look at Google Analytics to get a better understanding about your traffic and ways to increase your website’s content. What keywords are people using when they search in your industry? Add content that will be relevant to these keywords to improve your chances of showing up in SERPs.
  3. Focus on topics that might be a tad less competitive so that you have more opportunities to stand out among the competition in your industry.
  4. Regardless of what you’re using it for, structured data markup will help search engines to crawl and display your content correctly to users. To test your structured data, use Google’s Data Structure Testing Tool.

Keep these tips in mind as you utilize local SEO for your business!

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