Using Local Keywords for Higher Rankings

When using local keywords, this can help increase your local search rankings! A majority of people are searching for places to go near them on their smartphones every day. If your business is in people’s local searches, there is a high chance that they will visit your business and even end in a conversion! Using local SEO and local keywords can work wonders for your website and business as a whole.

Essentially, finding the right keywords for your business can guide you in ranking better than competitive keywords. Local searches can create more intent, driving traffic and conversions. With this, having assistance from SEO experts may be helpful to reach your goals. In this post, you will learn how to find and use keywords to get higher rankings!


To begin, conducting local keyword research is necessary. You will need to be aware of which search queries are helping people find your business. Also, once you know which keywords you’re ranking for, optimizing your website will become much more manageable. If your business is already ranking well for specific keywords, you can shift your attention to ranking for other keyword searches. Improving search results can lead to an increase in your business’s reach to more potential customers.

Picking Keywords

After keyword research is complete, it is time to pick the local keywords to use. The objective is to identify and use common words and phrases that potential customers will use to search for your business. So, choosing keywords that people would use when describing your business’s products or services is essential. Brainstorming these keywords will create a list of local keywords that are relevant to your company and industry.

Another way to pick the right keywords is to create modifiers that people often use in their searches. Modifiers are words that can be used to describe an event, product, etc. An example of a modifier could be the word “best”. People often search for the best restaurants, best places to visit, best products, etc. Using modifiers within your keywords is essential so you can target more potential customers!


Next, it is important for the local SEO that you’re using keywords that pertain to your geographic location. When identifying these keywords, consider the areas your business services and where customers are coming from. In searches, people often search for businesses near them first. Using these geographic keywords will help you reach your target audience. Then, include these geographic keywords you’ve identified in blog posts and website content! 

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