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Using Influencer Marketing

A majority of consumers trust recommendations from other people, but only some brands actually have an influencer program to sway purchasing decisions. Influencers help brands with customer satisfaction and loyalty, allowing businesses to reach new audiences and build credibility. In order to see a greater ROI, businesses need to select the right person to spread the word about their brand.

1. Create a List

Brands should focus on finding an influencer who works in a similar industry. Make sure the blogger/vlogger has a ton of shares after posting new content. If not, continue looking.

2. Narrow Down Your List

Once you’ve narrowed down potential influencers, think about which social media platforms you’d like to focus on. Check your media database to see how your options are measuring up.

3. Set Up Metrics

Utilize a media database to view influencers and set up metrics to ensure that goals will be met. See who is connecting with an influencer, how and when.

4. Stay in Contact

Once you’ve hired an influencer, maintain conversation so they know that you still care. Make sure to request feedback on the program or ask him/her to be a beta tester; this will help to build a long-term relationship.

5. Are there Improvements?

If you’ve seen an increase in followers or your brand has increased positive sentiment, than it’s best to stick with this influencer. However, it may be time to approach someone else if your influencer hasn’t been in contact or met expectations.

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