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Using Images for your SEO Campaign

Ranking for Images on Google

When it comes to SEO the first thing that comes to most peoples mind is getting on the first page of Google search results. What some small business owners don’t consider is taking advantage of Google’s image search section. The same way search engine bots scan websites for text content as part of their algorithms, they are also trying to get an understanding of what images are being shown on your site. To optimize your images on your site and make them readable by bots its important to utilize proper alt-text.

If a website isn’t using proper alt-text Google will not be able to understand what images you are showing. If you are a image heavy website it is crucial to make sure all images are optimized properly on your site.

Optimizing Images for Ranking Strategy

Think about it this way; you are a small ice cream shop in a big city and summer time is approaching. There is probably a lot of competition to rank  for searches such as “ice cream shops in Boston” or “ice cream shops near me”.

But as you can see from Googling that phrase   Google will display images on the bottom of the site that will rank to relevant web pages.

If you utilize proper alt text for your images Google will be able to read your content and display it properly to users searching for those terms.

Many small businesses who run their own Digital Marketing may not be taking advantage of this SEO strategy. This is one way you can make your business stand out on Google and other search engines.

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