Using Google’s Recent Updates

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of big updates from Google.

These major updates most likely have affected your company in various ways. We have a few tips for website owners on utilizing these updates.

  • If you look around, there are plenty of posts describing how you can initiate and prepare your website for AMPs. You can use this WordPress Plugin to get started.
  • If you’ve noticed that your costs have increased for ads, you should look at other PPC and display options. Your PPC goal is to discover a way of intercepting a user when it comes to their decision-making plan. Depending on the keywords you choose, you’ll get your brand to a potential client and hopefully generate a conversion. Determine if you can relate this to other forms of display.
  • Typically, large websites will discuss brands or products and sponsors will compensate them. Other times they are compensated for sharing their reviews of a product on social media. While large websites are doing this, they might not be disclosing the relationship they have with the sponsor. Sometimes they’ll try to disguise disclosures in spots that can’t be seen or in the footer. It’s best not to hide these relationships because as we know, Google always has tricks up its sleeve.

Since Google is constantly updating, it’s important to remain calm and remember your basics. Create quality links and content, not quantity. Follow the guidelines when it comes to disclosing website and sponsorship relationships and ensure your coding is updated.

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