Using Google Search Console As An SEO Tool

Most likely you’ve installed Google Analytics onto your website, but you should take the next step in adding Google Search Console onto your website as well. This allows you to view search queries, crawl errors, install a Google XML Sitemap and more.

How to Add Your Site to Google Search Console

To create an account, go to Google Webmaster Tools and click on “Search Console.” From there, you’ll be asked to log in with your Gmail account. You then have to enter your website’s URL. To find this go to the search bar and type in your website. Some websites show up with a www in front or sometimes they don’t. Either way, it’s fine, and that is how Google recognizes your website.

After this, Google will want to verify you are the owner of the website. There are a few ways you can do that. The easiest is if you have a Google Analytics account and have the analytics code on your website, you can verify through that. If you are logged into your Google Analytics account, it should automatically verify. Once you are verified you can now use Google Search Console to do a number of things to improve your SEO.

How to improve your SEO with Google Search Console

  1. Find out the keywords that people are searching for to find your website. Anyone who lands on your website is searching for a particular phrase, word, or term to land on your website. By knowing what those are, you can improve what you are being found for and start to create content around what you’re not to increase your chances of people finding your website.
  2. Get insight into your most popular pages. If you are a business offering two services and most people go to one of them, you can now have the knowledge to increase both sides of your business. Maybe the other service isn’t clear, or you can promote. There are many ways to let people know all about your services.
  3. See where the people on your website are. Maybe you live in a suburban community around a large city, and you thought that’s where everyone was finding you, but it could be the opposite.
  4. Check your website security. This is important so that your website doesn’t get hacked or get a virus. If you are at risk, and you know you can take the necessary steps to fix that and ensure your website doesn’t get hacked or a virus.

Google Search Console is a great webmaster tool that takes the guessing game out of your website and you can start to come up with a real strategy. For help with Google Search Console or any other SEO tool, you can contact us at  857-526-0096 or on our website and speak with one of our SEO Specialists.

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