Using Google Posts After Google Plus Shuts Down

After launching to much fanfare in June 2011, Google will begin the process of shutting down the Google Plus social network this spring, with pages being deleted starting on April 2nd. With the social network shutting down for good, this is a good time to implement Google Posts, located conveniently on your Google My Business listing. Google Posts have recently undergone changes to make the scope of posts broader, allowing your company to send updates about products, events, offers and general goings-on such as blog content and changes in the business. Google Posts are a great way to get out information right on search engine result pages, driving traffic back to your website.


Offers have undergone the latest change in the Google My Business platform. While posts still expire after seven days, you can display up to 10 offers on your listing at a time and you can set the expiration date. Instead of reposting the same promotion every seven days, the post can simply come down the day the offer expires online or in your store. The offers are created in the dashboard as a regular post, with a photo or video available as a featured image. Instead of the previous 300-word limit, there is a character limit of 1,500. You can also include the title of the offer, terms, and conditions, an offer code, link to redeem the promotion and the dates, right in the post. Google made this change in order to make the process easier on the customer, who can be more inclined to work with your business when they see a special promotion.


Do you have a new product that your company is excited about and want to get the word out to prospective customers? Post about it in your Google listing! You can include a photo or video of your product in action, price range, and a product description up to 1,500 characters. A product post can also include a button linking to your site, allowing customers to buy from the site or fill out a contact form to become a lead.


Do you have a brick-and-mortar storefront? If you have an upcoming event, you can advertise it in a Google Post for the duration. Including a photo and event description up to 1,500 characters, you can even include a button leading to a blog with more details or your contact form. This can help bring visitors into your business and capture online leads.

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