Using Google Analytics to find more content ideas

Companies that are trying to understand their customers better should invest in google analytics. Google analytics is used to show data on multiple aspects of your website. Essentially, it is tracking to see how your customers respond to your web page. There are many uses for google analytics, however, an overlooked perk is finding more content ideas for your website.

Find your most popular content & Create Variations

When you are in control of your website, you want to produce quality content that performs well for SEO & has a good poll with your audience. Google analytics allows you to see which pages and posts are receiving the highest amount of traffic. After finding some of these highly visited pages, you can take the best qualities, strategies, and ideas you put into those posts and use them throughout new pages on your site.

Update your content

When you are seeing high bounce rates on analytics, you should be aware that users may not be finding your content relevant. This sometimes is an indicator that your content is not holding your audience’s attention. If you update your content & see your bounce rate decrease then this means your audience is more captivated by it. Be aware that there are many different factors that go into bounce rate as well!

Content Direction

Always keep in mind that your content should be geared towards your audience. The wording you place in blogs, PPC & newsletters should all be relevant. To find ideas for new content and wording, Google analytics will tell you which keywords people are searching on Google to land on your website. From there, make sure that your website has enough information about the most common searches people use to land on your site.





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