How Can I Use Google Analytics for Content Topics & Ideas?

Coming up with content topics can be difficult for marketers, especially since you want to make sure what you write is refreshing and new for your readers. If you are struggling to come up with topics for service pages or blogs, checking your Google Analytics data can help!

You can see which pages are performing (and converting) well

Google Analytics is a valuable (and free!) tool that helps you track of several traffic and engagement factors throughout your website. In addition to tracking the number and types of conversions taken, you can use analytics tracking to monitor the performance of different landing pages, service pages, blogs, and geolocations. After taking a look at your most viewed content, you can come up with different takes on those topics or inset the general theme into a question generator, giving you a frequently asked question to answer for your users.

You can see which content can use refreshing

If you are struggling with coming up with new topics, you can look back at previous months’ data to see which older posts are beginning to see less traffic and could use some new content. Refreshing older blogs with new, updated information and calls to action can attract new and repeat readers who may be in need of your services or are interested in learning more about your company. This can also result in a decrease in your bounce rate because users are staying engaged with the newer content, which can include more information about your services as well as their benefits.

Data can guide where your content goes

Making sure your content stays geared towards your audience is critical to the user experience of your website. While you want to make sure everything is fully optimized for search and your top keywords, keeping your wording easily digestible in your website content, newsletters, social media, and paid advertising is critical to your success. If you are looking to see where your users are coming from and how they are searching, there are a few places you can look. Within your Google Search Console dashboard, you will be able to see the exact queries people are typing into the search bar in order to get your website. This will include the number of impressions and clicks you received. Making sure your content includes information on the most common searches performed for your website as well as fully written, fleshed-out pages will help keep users on your website longer and keep them coming back for your services and updates.

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