Using Facebook Ads to Gain Page Likes

If your business’ Facebook page doesn’t have any page likes (or very few), posting to social media isn’t going to help your business. Facebook has become an integral marketing tool for small businesses in today’s world, seeing as it enables owners to communicate with their customers effectively and cost-efficiently. But in order to use Facebook successfully, you need ‘page likes’. Without a social media following, nobody’s going to ‘share’ your posts or interact with them, which limits your business’ reach.

With the holidays around the corner, now may be the easiest time to gain ‘likes’ for your business. More than ever, people are online shopping for presents, and when they’re online, there’s a good chance they have a Facebook tab open. One way to tap into the holiday spirit is to create a Facebook ad promoting your page. Using Facebook Business’ ‘Page Likes Campaign’ option, create a campaign offering a gift of some form to users who ‘like’ your page. Awarding a gift to each user who ‘likes’ your page may be going a bit overboard and could end up being very expensive, so instead enter each person who ‘likes’ your page into a drawing for a gift. Gift cards, particularly from Visa or Amazon tend to be the most successful as they’re appealing to everyone.

Set a budget for your ad, include an image of the gift card and let Facebook users know what the promotion is. Publish your ad and watch the ‘page likes’ come in! For a limited budget of even $10 day, you will reach several thousand people. However, it’s important to geographically target your ads so that only relevant users ‘like’ your page.


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