Using Domains in Your Marketing Strategy

Your domain is an important tool: it’s how users are able to find your brand and business online. However, the domain a customer finds you through doesn’t always have to be the main domain you use. You can use domain redirects as an inexpensive way to track leads and source-specific traffic to further your business closer to its overall goals. Depending on the size and scope of your current marketing campaign, you may even be able to build a landing page for your domain to point to or even a subsite within your main website. If your marketing plan is heading in one of the following directions, you may want to consider using an alternate domain as part of your strategy.

Publicizing Specific Products or Services

If you have a product you are looking to brand distinctly from the rest of your line, a dedicated domain name can help garner traffic looking specifically for that item. Whether you are trying to sell a specific type of technology or a property, a domain name with a targeted landing page filled with necessary information can help attract the correct customers.

Announcing a High-Profile Event

If you have a huge sale coming and are looking to promote it in a big way, a unique domain name can be an easy way to let potential customers who may not be connected to your business know about it. With the help of online ads, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your landing page, which can lead to foot traffic into your business or more online conversions.

Targeting an Exact Audience

If you are looking to target a segment of your audience, a domain will help separate them from the rest of the people going to your site. You will be able to try out new messaging to reach your desired customers, promote giveaways and loyalty programs and even collect leads from events and trade shows.

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