Using CSS To Change What Font Looks Like

We all know CSS is a great way to customize the content on your website. One of the parts of a website CSS is used a lot for is for words on a webpage. Below are a few codes you can use in order to customize the font of your website to make it more aesthetically pleasing to your users.

  • font-weight: This code in CSS changes the boldness of the selected word. There are a few options in which you can do this. After putting this code into CSS follow it by a “:” then enter the word “bold” or “bolder” to change how much the word is bold. You can also change how much by a numerical number such as 400, 500,600, etc.
  • text-decoration: This code makes it so that you can underline a word or word as well as and over line.
  • font-style: This code allows a user to make their words in italics.
  • font-family: This code allows the webmaster to change the font of the text. You can change it to times new roman, arial, comic sans and more. Sometimes with this option, depending on the theme of the website, the types of fonts you can choose from may be limited. Nonetheless, this code allows you to customize your website even more that the typical font that comes when creating content.
  • font-size: This code is pretty straight forward as it changes the size of the font of the selected word or words. The font can be changed by adding pixels (20px, 30px, etc), words (small, large etc) or emphasis (2em, 3em, 4em ,etc) after the code.


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