User Experience: Thinking of your Consumer Base

As one grows their business, they slowly become industry experts by living in that business every day. As a business owner, it can be easy to forget what it was like before you obtained all this knowledge within a specific industry. When creating a website with the goal to increase business, it is important to consider what it would be like for a consumer of your service or product, who has little exposure or knowledge to what you are offering. We wanted to publish a blog on some things to consider when creating a site and keeping your target consumer base in mind.

Consumer Journey

As mentioned earlier, if you have grown a business, what is common knowledge to you may be eye-opening to others. Ask yourself, if I was looking for this product or service, what would be my initial questions? Consumers turn to the web now more than ever to obtain general information regarding products or services. If you can relay this information effectively and keep them on your page with great user experience, you can turn their session into leads for your company. Not only will users be able to read answers to frequently asked questions, Google does a great job indexing this information and you will begin ranking higher when people search these types of questions.

Site Navigation and Content

In addition to providing consumers easy to understand product/service information, providing a website that is easily navigated is very important in keeping users on site. If you have great information but users are thrown off by the site’s layout or design, it will deter them from exploring the site. In general, providing a banner with drop-down menus to specific pages is a good start but depending on the size of your business, industry, and the capabilities of your business, the design will vary.

Providing a Call to Action

As you produce great content for users at the beginning of the customer journey, provide a call to action towards the end of your content. By encouraging users to reach out to learn more while providing clickable links to contact forms will provide a seamless transition into your sales funnel. You can also add clickable email links and also phone numbers which provide users a way to immediately reach out. Be sure that any email address you add to a call to action will be responded to in a timely fashion. You can remedy this by creating a ‘catch-all’ email that will CC a few internal employees who have the ability to respond in case someone is out of office.

Boston Web Marketing Insights

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