User Expectations for Online Businesses

Nowadays having an online business for your store or company is essential. We are in an era where digital media is as popular as ever. As the calendar flipped to 2022, customer expectations not only changed but continue to grow. We are only 3 months into 2022 but according to Google Search Trends, there is enough data to pay attention to online customer behavior so far.

Google Search Trends User Data

Users are always looking for new innovations, new experiences, and new ways to shop online. When your website caters to that, it sets your website up for an abundance of traffic and engagement.

The four biggest customer expectations aspects in 2022 so far per Google Search Trends are:

  • Late Night Shopping Options
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Dog-Friendly Stores
  • Next-Day Delivery

What Do These Trends indicate?

What these Google Search Trends indicate is online users prioritize comfort and swiftness. We live in a time period when nobody wants to wait around longer than they have to. Websites that offer convenient shopping options throughout the day are set up for success. While many businesses do not have the capabilities or resources to offer 24/7 customer service, those that can have a leg up. Consumers and potential consumers can have questions or concerns at any point in a given day and often want their inquiries addressed right away. More than ever, people want to bring their dogs to restaurants and stores. In 2022, comfort is the name of the game. If your business allows dogs, you may have a leg up on your rivals. The next-day delivery trend is simple: people do not want to wait around when they buy something online. Consumers want items as soon as possible and businesses that can deliver a good a day after the order is placed will be a popular option.

What Else Are Users Searching in 2022?

With pandemic restrictions easing up, more people are looking for things to do in their communities. Searches like “Dining Near me” or “Things to do near me” continue to rise rapidly. With searches like these paramount, it is essential your website is up to date and putting in the necessary SEO work.

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