Use Your Social Media Wisely

So social media outlets are a great, free way to promote your busy and gain internet exposure, right?  Almost.  You see, not everybody uses them in the ways that will work best for their small business.

Here are some of the things you may have assumed incorrectly about your social media campaign:

1.) It’s not free.  Sure, you can join most of these sites for free and write, post, and upload to your heart’s content, but who is actually doing the work?  It’s not getting done by itself, so whether it’s you or one of you employees there is a time commitment there and time is money.  Think about the hourly worth of the social media manager for your business and do the math.

2.) Don’t use these sights for a hard-sell opportunity.  Social media is supposed to be social.  You want to both build and engage your audience and the hard-sell approach is often a turn-off.  Only a small percentage of you social media updates should obvious sales pitches.

3.) It’s not “all about you.”  Remember social.  Nobody likes to listen to somebody who only drones on and on about themselves.  Encourage posts and respond to them.  Share others’ ideas and suggestions.

4.) Don’t overextend yourself to compete with other businesses.   Contests and giveaways are great, but not if you can’t afford the prizes.  Stick to things that are more economically feasible or maybe offer one of your services.

5.) You don’t have to be EVERYWHERE.  There are more and more social sites popping up all the time.  Stick to those that are most popular or that seem the best fit for you type of customer.  Sites that go inactive get ignored, so stick to a few and keep them active.

-Don MacMelville

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