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Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Online video is a phenomenal tool that promotes authenticity and visually engaging brand advertisements. While there are no stringent rules on how video improves conversions, there are guidelines which will make your videos more effective.

1. Add a Video to a Landing Page

According to Forbes, the average Internet user spends about 88% more time on a website with video on it. By demonstrating your services or products in a video, business owners can demonstrate their company’s strengths. When placed in optimal locations, video is a great way to grab the user’s attention.

2. Incorporate “Video” into the E-mail Subject Line

Marketing TechBlog explains that by incorporating the word “video” into the e-mail subject line, open rates are boosted by 19%, click-through rates are increased by 65% and unsubscribes are reduced by 26%. Since there is no universal format that is compatible with all e-mail clients, try using a static image with a video link, an animated GIF or a video in HTML5 format.

3. Create How-to Videos

A how-to video shares your product without forcing sales.The core focus of encompassing these particular types of videos is to teach the viewers or solve a common problem. The videos are especially popular amongst millennials.

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