Use Pinterest To Attract New Customers

pinterest_for_businessDepending on the nature of your business, Pinterest is considered one of the most effective platforms for attracting new customers. It is very popular for e-commerce businesses who are able to generate images for their products. Pinterest’s innovative “pinning” structure allows followers to share products they are interested in.

In addition to sharing your products with others, Pinterest also now allows you to buy directly through them!

Here are a few reasons why your company could benefit by having a business Pinterest account:

  • Communicate with a new audience. Pinterest is not just about pinning what you like to a board and moving on to the next one, it has more to offer than just that. You can use the tag tool to link interested users with content that you think might be of value to them.
  • Pinterest allows you to have others post for you, also known as a ‘guest pinner’. This role allows loyal customers to be able to contribute to your board. Pinterest is not one dimensional, it is all about having different strategies.

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