Updates to Twitter’s Character Limit

On September 19th, Twitter cut down on which types of content would count towards the platforms 140-character limit. Images, videos, GIFs, polls, retweeted quotes, DM deep links, and other media attachments will no longer reduce the amount of characters in a post. However, typed or pasted URLs in a Tweet will still count towards the character limit as they do already.

Another update that is still in the “test phase”, is that twitter handles will no longer affect the amount of characters in a post. “@name” won’t penalize the 140-character count. You’ll also no longer have to use the “.@name” in order to broadcast Tweets. New Tweets that start with a username will also now reach all of your followers.

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These updates will give users extra space for their tweets and discussions. Many users were becoming frustrated with the posting limit; so this update was created to provide them with the ability to express their tweets in a full 140 characters. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that it’s the biggest change for twitter and that he’s excited to see more dialog because of this update. Twitter is looking for new ways to express themselves beyond the “tweetstorms” which are a bunch of rapid 140-character tweets sent out in order to relay a message that is over the character limit. Twitter is hoping this will bring back the users who were annoyed by the character limit in order to increase their user base.

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