Updates Coming to the Featured Snippets Algorithm

Google is beginning to roll out an update to its Featured Snippets algorithm, concentrating on making sure snippets are made of fresh content or are updated on a regular basis. The update is designed to make sure outdated information is not being excerpted in search results, misleading users.

How Google Explains the Algorithm Update

Google calls the update a way to improve how bots are able to understand useful information against data that is no longer relevant or applicable. Featured snippets are visible when the user types in a question to the search box, pulling out the answer and a link relevant blog or service page. There are two types of content that can be used as a featured snippet: evergreen content, or information that is always relevant, or content that requires periodic updating in order to remain correct and useful for users.

Information That is Updated

This can include information about events, calendar dates or seasonal items. For example, information about annual sales and fairs will need to be freshened up regularly in order to be used as a featured snippet for questions such as, “When is Labor Day this year?” “When is the best time to schedule service on my car?” “When should I buy at this store?” Because the information for these queries may change year-to-year, it is important to make sure your website has corresponding content to reflect the most up-to-date information. This includes a page with event details, including time, place, locations and even a list of products that will be on sale. If the event is current, you should take opportunities to reflect that in your content such as when there is a recall or a one-day-only sale.

What if My Content is Evergreen?

Evergreen content is content that is always relevant. Evergreen content does not to be refreshed in order to be pulled as a featured snippet because it is often based in fact, which does not change based on seasons or events. Evergreen content often populates in featured snippets through fact-based queries, such as “what is Labor Day” or “how do I make ice cream.”

How Do I Rank for Featured Snippets?

In order to optimize to be selected for a featured snippet, make sure you have a paragraph with shorter sentences that answers a question or query relevant to your business, products or services. If you want help optimizing your site, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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