Updates are Coming to Google Products for Businesses

Google has announced a series of updates to its retailer products in order to help create deals and opportunities to get customers in-store year-round. These updates will be able to help smaller businesses using Google products to advertise online and are looking for ways to maximize conversions for their products and services. Some of these updates include:

Adjusting Campaigns for Seasons

If you run a business that ebbs and flows with the weather or specific holidays, you shouldn’t spend your marketing budget on advertising during your slow season. For example, you don’t want to advertise lawn furniture or air conditioning services in the dead of winter when there are several inches of snow coating the ground. The upcoming updates will allow you to adjust any Smart Bids you have set in your Ads campaign based on the current season. This can maximize the success of any ongoing promotions or sales you are running, both in-store and online. Your bids will automatically increase or decrease based on your needs and customizations you implement into your campaign so you are not over or under-bidding for critical, high-volume search terms.

More Localized Campaigns

Local ad campaigns were initially launched last year and were designed to primarily drive physical traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. The ads run across the Google ad network on Maps, YouTube, Display and in search results. An upcoming change to the campaign structure allows business owners to use their advertisements to target users with the intent to call, displaying your phone number prominently with a call to action. You won’t need to set up a setting to measure in-store visits from the ads in order to properly calculate the success of the campaign. You will also be able to create groups within your campaigns to specify budgets and even the context of ads to certain geolocations in your service area. For example, if you are running an ad campaign advertising and in-store sale, you can target the towns and cities around your store with the addition of “sale near me.” According to Google, searches of “sale near me” have tripled over the last two years, allowing for more opportunities for users to convert.

How This Affects Your Business

While online shopping may be dominating the Internet, you are still going to see more purchases from customers visiting your actual store location. While there are several traditional marketing routes you can take to advertise your business to local residents and visitors, people won’t know that you have a store unless you are online. Google realizes this and is working to help small and local businesses get their brands in front of customers.

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