Update Your Sites SEO Within Older Pages

If you manage your company’s web site or have hired an SEO firm to improve upon the site’s SEO, there is a good chance there is a heavy emphasis on page creation. Whether it be adding blogs, pages that highlight services, or the areas you serve, month over a month your site has been steadily adding pages of original content. While it is important to be consistently creating these new pages, a concentrated effort of build upon existing pages can give your site an SEO boost as well. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a blog on why you may want to improve on older pages & some of the strategies used to put these edits into effect!

Speak to the Audience of today from a Content Standpoint

When looking at older pages, does the message still reign true to audiences of today? Depending on the duration your site has been online, the content written for the said page could have been created years ago. It is important to look at these pages and make sure the message you are trying to convey is clear and still relevant. Be sure the links are still active within the content as well seeing as broken links within a page will negatively impact your SEO.

Reaching Audiences from Technical SEO Standpoint

In terms of SEO from a technical standpoint, were the older pages created with mobile search in mind? Even if they were, could their mobile compatibly be improved upon? With online searches being primarily mobile today, it is important to have a mobile-friendly page. If this page performed well in the past but has taken a hit in rankings, it could be due to competitors having a mobile-friendly page.

Another aspect of the page to look at would be its site speed. Be sure images are minified and have keyword focused Alt-text to increase their SEO. Also, be sure your site has an SSL certificate and users are directed to the HTTPS version of your site.

Can the H-Tags be their own pages?

H-tags are used to provide Google a better understanding of what the content on the page is about. Think of it as a paragraph heading. The text “can the H-tags be their own pages” above this paragraph is an H-tag itself! Sometimes, when site admins create sites first pages, they want to get all the company info within the site as soon as possible so those visiting will have all the info they need. When reviewing older pages, some of the H-tags or paragraphs of content can be expanded into their own pages. Having individual pages regarding specific topics will help the original page be found for its true purpose or subject AND help the new page be found for its subject matter within search results.

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Are the pages on your site out of date and no longer performing as they did in the past? Boston Web Marketing can work alongside your internal team of Marketing professionals to re-vamp your sites old pages and get them back in front of the eyes of those you are trying to reach. Need a website consultation? Give Boston Web Marketing a call today!

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