Update to Google My Business Coming Soon

Google recently made an announcement that there will be some changes in Google My Business that will be pushed out within the next few months. The update is regarding the insights or data collected within Google My Business. Google My Business allows businesses to manage and understand how they are appearing in local listings and Maps on Google. If you are unfamiliar with what a Google My Business page is, you have most likely seen one on the side of a search result, especially if you have looked up a specific business.

Current Features of Google My Business

Google My Business provides users a snapshot of things people will generally want to know about if one were to look up that business. When initially setting up a Google My Business page, it will prompt you to answer what industry you are in. Depending on the industry you pick, they layout of your page will differ but it asks an assortment of useful, simple questions people would want to know. An easy example would be for restaurants; it will ask the admin to fill out hours open, type of food served, liquor licensing, busy times, etc. These business pages also feature options for the user to call, email or leave reviews, which can help lead to potential sales leads.

Google My Business: Insights

Google My Business Insights provide all the data and information regarding what people searched to pull your page and how they interact with it. If you are getting a lot of traffic and conversions (phone calls or emails) through your Google My Business page, it is safe to assume it is doing well. If you are getting no traffic through your Google My Business page, it may be beneficial to take some time and make edits and update the information. Additionally, how ‘well’ your Google My Business page is doing can be dependent on the industry.

Insights Update

The update Google will be administering impacts how recent the data you as an admin will be able to view. Currently, the most recent data you can look at is from 3 days prior. With business moving as fast as the internet these days, businesses need information on how they are performing on the web in real time if possible. The update will show business page owners data as recent as the day before. This provides business owners and marketers the ability to shift with market trends in almost real time and fix issues much quicker and see the impact.

Boston Web Marketing: Managing your Businesses Google My Business Page

If you are a business owner and feel your Google My Business page could be optimized or you’re not sure if your business has one set up, give us a call today! Our team of SEO reps is trained in optimizing and tailoring Google My Business pages for a variety of industries and we also stay up to date with algorithm changes. If you have questions that was not answered in this blog about the upcoming change or Google My Business in general, we are happy to connect and provide an answer.

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