Upcoming SEO Trends for 2020

SEO is ever-changing and reinventing itself. Google and other search engines are trying to become the end destination for its users, and this will become an important trend going into the new year. We need to find ways to stay up-to-date and effective with this framework made by Google.

Zero-Click Searches

More than half of all searches are zero-click searches – meaning that the user’s search has been answered on the SERP. This is the “new nomal” of SEO. The inquiry of the user, in this case, is usually about an address or phone number. These clicks most likely wouldn’t have converted anyways, so there is no need to worry.

What should be done?

You should try to identify which keywords will bring your site clicks on the SERP. Using Rank Tracker and your Google Search Console account together can show you directly which words are optimized and bringing you clicks.

Optimize for Rich and Featured Snippets

Since zero-click searches are so prevalent, the information from each website shown on the SERP should be as optimized as possible.

In addition to the title and meta description, Rich snippets help you stand out. This includes star ratings, prices, and images. A user may not click if there is more information available to them right away. This will make your result more noticeable, though, even if your position on the SERP remains the same.

Featured snippets are the block of information shown at the top of the SERP. This brings a great increase in CTR, but its harder to get for your website.

What do we do?

To get both a Rich and Featured snippet, your data must be properly structured. You can also use Rank Tracker to find Featured snippet opportunities. You should look for your competitors who are using Featured snippets and check to see what keywords they are using.

Local SEO

Local SEO is also changing. A large number of zero-click searches for local searches show up in the Local Pack. On mobile devices, the Local Pack can take up the entire SERP shown right away.

What do we do?

Make sure you are covering a variety of searches including “near me”, “phone number”, or “address”. It also helps to have a fully optimized Google My Business listing. This can only do so much, but to increase your chances of landing on the Local Pack, you need to turn to traditional on-page SEO. Make sure to check your backlinks and see which ones your competitors are using.

Brand Building

Paid advertising is working for social media, but the trend of companies using it is bringing the ROI down. Paid ads will become more widespread and expensive for those who want to use them. Brand awareness and brand building become the most important in digital marketing efforts. Google has also confirmed that linkless mentions are also becoming more significant and are used as ranking signals.

What do we do?

In the year 2020, we need to be managing linkless brand mentions, as well as pay attention to building link profiles that have quality to them. Social media listening is an important way to see every mention of your brand. This way, you can engage with clientele via social media and build brand awareness through publicly providing customer care.

SEO rules shift and change all the time. We need to stay up-to-date and provide the best results possible for clients and users.

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