Understanding Youtube Optimization

YouTube is huge right now and loved by users so take advantage of their attention and optimize your efforts. If your company currently has a YouTube channel, take a look at the videos to see if there is closed captioning, links back to the website, a call-to-action, a description of the video and keywords. It’s crucial to fully optimize your videos so you can gain followers and increase engagement.
Fantastic Sound

If your video sounds like you’re communicating through a gas mask, you’re likely to lose a lot viewers before you get far. People can tolerate bad quality visuals but not bad audio. These users will typically click the back button and find another video, and you’ll lose your following.
Stunning Visuals

The better the visuals, the more traffic you’ll get. Make your editing seamless, and cut out all the distortions. Don’t make fuzzy unclear videos, and assure variety between frames so that it’s interesting and engaging.
Now that we’ve reviewed the quality of the sound and visuals, let’s explore some other details you must concentrate on to fully optimize your YouTube channel.
What is your keyword?

Make your keyword clear in the title, meta description, and tags. This is what your entire video should center around.
Do you have an eye-catching title?

Experts want you to spend a lot of time on your headline. It’s the first thing people will see and is therefore the most important part of your entire video. A boring video with a fantastic title will still get more viewers with a great video and useless title. Your headline needs to be short yet captivating and a good representation of the video.
Have you optimized your meta description and tags?

Viewers will need a full description to know what your video is all about. Many people don’t read them though. So, keep it relevant and informational to those who read it but short enough and to the point for those who don’t. As for tags, they associate your video with text. Keep them to a minimum and super relevant.
Some other elements to consider when optimizing YouTube videos are the video thumbnail, subtitles and closed captions, and user engagement/feedback. Video thumbnails should be relevant and give a good idea of what you plan on showing. Subtitles and closed captions can gain you more viewers as they may be viewing in noisy places where they cannot hear what is being said. Finally, user engagement and feedback helps other users to trust your content and to build a conversation around it.
YouTube videos may be optimized just like any other piece of content. But, it must be done right. Use this article to start optimizing your videos today and watch your number of viewers skyrocket!

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