Understanding SSL Certificates

Choosing an SSL certificate to boost rankings can be quite difficult as there are a wide-range of SSL products on the market. Below are several questions you should ask yourself before purchasing an SSL certificate.

  • Should I use a free certificate or purchase one?
  • What certificate works best for multiple domains? What about subdomains?
  • How do I fix common SSL installation problems?

 Types of SSL Certificates

Listed below are three common types of SSL certificates to help you choose which one works best for your site.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate –  This is commonly referred to as a “low assurance certificate,” and is the most standard type of certificate. A webmaster should confirm through email or configure a DNS record for the certificate to be validated.

Organization Validated Certificate – Also known as a “high assurance certificate,” an agent needs to validate the domain ownership as well as organization info such as the name, city, state and country.

EV Certificate – This is also recognized as the “extended validation certificate” and it has the most intense validation process. An EV certificate confirms that the business is a legal entity; business information is required to prove domain ownership.

Common SSL Certificate Issues

There are several issue which can interfere with SSL Certificates.

Mixed content – Using both HTTP and HTTPS content can invalidate your certificate because content must be from the same source.

Certificate mismatch – This error occurs when you do not use the correct domain.

Intermediate chain certificate – A majority of people ignore these certifications. Some servers require you to purchase two intermediate certifications.

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