Understanding Mobile & Maps

Google has been on top basically since it has come out and people have been predicting its downfall for years now. However, search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo continue to increase in revenue each year. SEO has been on a slight increase in importance from year to year. Millennials even admit when they need something or want to know something, they will use a search engine over social media the majority of the time.

The Data

In a study conducted by researchers at SEO Land, they launched a survey of about 4,000 people. The purpose of the study was to see if people would use a search engine over social media for specific questions. Once the survey was completed the results yielded that 36% would turn to search engines & only 5% would turn to social media to find their answers.

Mobile & Maps

This study also showed that 22% of people used neither & went straight to maps to find specific locations closest to them. So what exactly does this mean? Fortunately for search engine giants like Google & Yelp, they also have maps. Skipping Google Maps is a wasted opportunity. Google has made sure to make it a user-friendly process that does not take much time.

Keep on Searching

Since Google has come out, it hasn’t declined. Your best bet is to improve SEO as much as possible because the future shows search engines will only get stronger as the years go on. Social media can be a valuable key for your site to increase the traffic. Having both good SEO and a strong social media platform can prove to be extremely beneficial. Voice search is also up and coming on the search engine scene. Although the algorithms aren’t as strong, in the next couple of years voice search is projected to be a big contender in SEO!



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