Understanding Image SEO

Images can not only transform a website but they can also have a major impact on SEO. Images can attract visitors to the content while increasing ranking in image-led searches. Optimizing images is less complex than general SEO tactics. Check below for a list of some image SEO tips.

Rename Images

Before uploading your image, be sure to rename the image file. Rename the image to include keywords that describe the image and provide content. Search bots use this to determine your website’s relevancy which affects rankings.

Change the Alt Text

Alt text requires descriptive text that is short and sufficiently describes the image. Try to keep this text below 160 characters and keep your target audience in mind.

Use High-Quality Images

Never sacrifice quality when it comes to images. Search rankings pay close attention to user experience, so if you use poor quality images, they may get dismissed. Although stock images are generally high-quality, it’s best to find some unique images.

Resize Images

Avoid choosing images that are too large as they will increase the page load time. Use software such as Photoshop which allows you to compress the images without jeopardizing the quality.





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