Uncharted Territories in Social Media

Nowadays, we would think that everybody is riding that social media wave. That may be true, but there are still a lot of areas that are untouched by many marketers. With the data coming from Buffer’s State of Social Report, we can understand which channels or endeavors are focused on and underutilized.

Video Content

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Based on the report, Facebook is still the king of social media channels, with 93.7 percent of businesses on their side. Of these businesses, a majority of them know how important it is to publish content with images or videos. Yet, about 14.5 percent of them still do not publish video content. It is already written in stone that videos gather more engagements than any other piece of content but in this age and time, knowing where to publish them makes a big difference. With the four social media giants still reigning the top, the channel that we see with the most potential for this year is LinkedIn.

Facebook and Instagram Stories

According to the report, more than one billion accounts now implement stories globally on Facebook-owned properties. With the number of individuals using social media stories now, it should be a guarantee that businesses would use this channel to further connect with their audience on social media, but the data suggests otherwise.

About 62.9 percent of business still have not invested in utilizing stories in their social media strategy, but 61 percent of them mentioned that they are planning to implement stories this year.

invest in stories data

Messaging Apps

With the rise of the messaging apps, it’s only a matter of time before businesses add this channel to their social media strategy. Brands who have used messaging apps for their marketing reap great rewards with their endeavors getting a 98 percent open rate and 25 percent click-through rate! Despite this channel’s high reputation among users, a huge chunk of businesses (71 percent) still do not use messaging apps for their marketing. Also, about half of the marketers are still not planning on using this channel this year. If you want to get ahead of the curve, this channel is definitely something to think about!

It is important for marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in the social media arena. Boston Web Marketing is composed of specialists and experts who understand the importance of analyzing historical data to create a more effective digital marketing strategy. If you have questions regarding your SEO, feel free to contact us!

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