Two Ways to Speed Up Your Website

A slow website can be one of the most frustrating things for users. We’re spoiled these days and want all of our information and web access to be instantaneous, so when users have to wait even two seconds for a website to load, they can be deterred from that website altogether. If you have a slow site, you may be losing potential customers simply because of the loading time of your site! If you have a WordPress site though, there are two very simple things you can do which could improve your site speed dramatically and won’t turn users off your site! There are many site speed testing tools you can use to see how your website stacks up, but if your speed is too slow, consider making these changes.

Caching Plugin

Installing a caching plugin is an extremely effective way to quickly increase the speed of your site. Every time a user visits your site or a page on your site, your site has to request all that information from your server. Now, depending on what server you’re using as well as the size and quantity of information that is being requested, this can take a long time and will slow down your site. What a caching plugin can do is essentially save all the information on your site once a user visits it, so your site is now saved, or cached, on their specific IP. So next time that user visits your site, they won’t have to request all that information from your server, because the site will already be cached. Once you install a caching plugin, there are many options available to specify the caching method for your particular site. Either way, installing a caching plugin is an essential step towards increasing your site speed!

Image Compression

Some websites may have hundreds of images, this can radically slow down a site. Image file sizes can be huge because there is typically a large amount of unnecessary code that comes along with each image. This is where an image compression plugin can help! Images can take up a large amount of file space and can cause long loading times. Image compression plugins work by basically getting rid of any unnecessary code or shortening code down to a smaller size without compromising the quality of the image itself. Image compression can reduce an image file size by over half! This can make images easier to request and faster to load!

By installing these two plugins, you will already see the difference in load time and you’ll be able to access your site much faster than before. Quicker load times can lead to more users, so take these steps to ensure your site speed is well optimized! If you need assistance with speeding up your website or have any site speed related questions, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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