Two Types of SEO Misconceptions

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Based off of search engine’s vague outlines in regards to page rank and what contributes to it, people will then make their own assumptions on how to use SEO to boost their rankings.

Here are two types of misconceptions about SEO:

  1. Keywords and links are all that matter. True, having high-quality keywords and links play a big role in SEO, however, that is not all that contributes to page rank. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm states that searches are now based on the full context of a query, not just single keywords. It also provides results based on the location of a searcher. If your website has original content that caters to both search engines and users by using high-quality keywords and backlinks, then you are using the best SEO practices.
  2. Only Google matters. Yes, Google is the most popular search engine with two-thirds of all searches running through it. However, there are users who still utilize Bing, Yahoo, etc. While you take the time to properly optimize Google, be sure to allocate some of your time towards the others. This will not hurt your business, but only gain you more business across all search engines.

It is important that you focus your SEO efforts towards high-quality content using rich keywords and backlinks. You should also put effort into the other search engine platforms which can only benefit your online exposure.

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