Two Quick Tactics for Completing Paid Listings for Free!

It’s becoming more and more common that online business directories are stuck behind what I like to call the “Yext Wall”. The Yext Wall is the giant barrier that paid business databases like Yext erect between those of us trying to complete an individual listing on a business directory, and Yext’s central database, which now populates that business directory.

Databases like these offer convenience. Fill out their form once and they’ll populate a couple dozen listings for you. This saves you time, in exchange for some money. For those who don’t think that’s a valuable exchange, there are a two ways around the Yext Wall.

First, there are free databases which populate many of the business directories. Services like Infogroup’s Express Update let you create an account, from which you can create, claim, and complete business listings. Express Update’s verification process requires a phone call, and is very quick. Their user interface is delightfully un-frustrating, keeping the listing process from being an odious chore.

Second, some business directories allow you to submit listings manually, via email. Search the listing site for a customer service/listings/contact email, and get in touch. In many cases, it won’t work (they’ll refer you back to the Yext Wall), but for those few it does, you’re one step closer to a completed and consistent online presence.

For some, business databases are a worthwhile expense. If they’re not, getting your business listings complete and consistent across the web will take time and effort. These two tactics can help you finish the job.

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