Two Important PR Metrics to Use in Google Analytics

A great tool for measuring social media activity that is free and easy to use is Google Analytics. Business owners should have Google Analytics in place to monitor their website so they can have access to the extensive data that can help them optimize their social media and public relations campaign. Two components of Google Analytics that is greatly beneficial for PR measurement is the Acquisition tab and the Behavior tab.  These two tabs can help find two things, where your visitors are coming from and what activity they engage in on your website. These two key pieces information to use to find out how to improve your social media platforms and your website.

To locate where this information is on Google Analytics, find the Acquisition tab on the left hand side of the screen, then go to “Social” in the drop-down menu in order to see what type of impact your social messages have created. One can also see a table of the social media networks that drive traffic to one’s website in the “Overview” section of the Acquisition tab.

The Behavior tab can be found below the Acquisition tab, this section on Google Analytics is where it maps the behavior of all your visitors. You can see what your visitors do and where they are going on your website. In the “Overview” section of the Behavior tab, there will be landing pages, which is the page that visitors use to enter the site. This is useful data for measuring your social reach.

With the use of Google Analytics you will be able to improve your PR since you will have the knowledge about visitors entering your site and where they are coming from. If you need assistance in setting up and monitoring Google Analytics on your website call Boston Web Marketing today at 857-526-0096 and we can help you understand Google Analytics and increase traffic to your site.

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