Twitter’s Transformation

Announcements and updates across social media networks are nothing new, as each outlet is constantly trying to adapt and compete with the other to provide the most efficient and intriguing services.  The latest initiatives set forth by Twitter, however, could create changes that transform the network in a big way and provide brands and companies with some real success if utilized properly.  So, what are some of the anticipated changes?  Two components of Twitter’s transformation are expanded upon below, and they are services that could be important for companies to know that rely on Twitter as a forum for interacting with customers, maintaining their online reputation and providing business-related information.

  • “Twitter as Storefront”: Twitter has formed new and important partnerships with companies like American Express that will allow users to purchase items directly from the tweets they provide.  For many brands, this could be a great new option for increasing product exposure across a new audience, and it will create a direct connection for companies between social media and actual business profits.
  • “Twitter as Curator and Editor”: This service is the one that could be of greatest impact as well as one that will create a mixed pool of reactions.  Twitter will be able to take each tweet and designate it as having a low, medium or high “value.”  This will directly impact a company’s exposure across the network, either positively or negatively, and it has also been said that users will likely be able to purchase “high value” placements.  Unfortunately for many brands this will mean an increase in social media marketing costs, but it will be a must-do for many that want to stay ahead of the social network pack and maintain their exposure on Twitter.

While change is always inevitable in the online marketing world, it will be interesting to watch and see how each component of this transformation of Twitter is introduced and unfolds.  Will users be receptive?  Will brands and companies increase their activity on the network or move in a different direction?  These are just some of the questions that many people (like myself) have and are looking forward to learning the answers to.

By Casey Guntlow

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