Twitters Plan With The 140 Character-Limit

Back in January, we wrote about Twitter considering a new character limit. The report stated that Twitter was thinking about increasing the character count from 140 to 10,000 characters within its tweets. News about this took the internet(and twitter) by storm. People were reacting and making comments all over the internet, with many of them being negative.

During a recent appearance on the today show, Twitter CEO made a comment on the 140 character count and stated that, “It’s staying… It’s a good constraint for us, and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

While the 140 character count isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, tweets may continue to evolve from the current way they are shown on people’s timelines. The original idea was to have some sort of snippet where people could click to open more information about a tweet , if they wanted to. It was actually never Twitter’s plan to put all the 10,000 characters within people’s timelines, but the recent statements from Twitter’s CEO suggest that some expandable text is still in the works.

It will be very important and beneficial to track twitters changes as they continue to evolve. Search Engine Optimizer’s remember back in 2015 when twitter posts started to index within Google. There will surely be changes made that could affect online marketing & SEO.

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