Twitter’s Latest Leap Forward

Twitter has just released another update to once again make it easier for people to follow and connect with who and what they are interested in.  Applicable to users on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac,, and also TweetDeck, the latest enhancements provide better search results and also a Direct Message sync across all devices (something that many users have been hoping for).

Search result improvements allow users to more quickly and easily find people or companies they may be interested in as well as the most recent and relevant searches for your queries.

Direct Message syncing is what I find to be the most important component of this update, as well as the one that I think will help contribute to more happy users.  This means that when you read a DM on your mobile device, such as your iPhone, it will also be marked on your desktop and/or tablet apps as well.  Why is this so helpful? Well, for the average everyday user, it is feature that may just help prevent a small annoyance, but for large brands and business owners who might often seen a flood of DM’s on a daily or weekly basis, this system could allow for them to release a huge sigh of relief.

If you are a business or brand that tweets not only from a desktop while at the office but also perhaps while on the road, at an event, etc., it can become difficult to manage and sort those messages that you have already read or responded to and those you have not yet gotten to, leaving some people (who you may not want to upset) in the dust and left waiting for a reply.

The Direct Message sync is not only a way to keep things more organized and cohesive, it is also, in the bigger picture, a way to keep those using Twitter for client outreach aware of what important messages they have not yet acknowledged, perhaps even boosting online reputation and customer interactions.

By Casey Guntlow


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