Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline Will Be the New Default

Twitter is currently going through the process of making its algorithmic timeline the new default setting. Twitter has been rolling out their algorithmic based timeline over the past few weeks now and the general response has been positive. Twitter originally gave users the opportunity to either opt out of the new timeline in favor of the traditional chronological timeline. It has been reported that only a very low number of users have decided to opt out of the new timeline update.

Not only have users embraced the algorithmic timeline, but they have also increased their usage of Twitter as well. Daily usage has increased since the new timeline update compared to the users who chose not to update. The number of Tweets, replies, retweets and favorites have all increased with those users.

How does it work?

When the user is ready for the update, Twitter notifies the user individually as their timeline is switched. The update comes just over a month since the initial report of the new algorithmic timeline. Originally, the update was an opt-in feature designed to display tweets that a user might have missed since the last time they logged on.

What is the reasoning for the new update?

This move to an algorithm based timeline is meant to appeal to new users. Adopting characteristics that are similar to that of Facebook has the potential to attract new users, namely users who are confused by how to use Twitter at first. The new update is one of many new changes that the social media company has been developing to attract a new audience.

What if I don’t want the update?

Twitter is still holding on to the original chronological timeline, allowing users to switch back if they choose to do so. The new default can be changed back by simply going into the settings section and unchecking the Algorithm function.

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