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Twitter Unveils New Ad Type

Twitter has released a new ad type for marketers to take advantage of and to get customers involved.  Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Cards that reward people for tweeting about a brand. To compensate for the tweet, users will be given an image or a video to tweet about, like a recipe, trailer or an interview.

In a blog a released yesterday by Twitter, the unlock cards work when a business promotes a content for an upcoming event or product. For example, AMC recently released an exclusive trailer that was only available online on Twitter’s new Instant Unlock Card. Passionate Fans were inclined to tweet and buzz for AMC to receive exclusive content.  After a user tweets about the business or event, the user will receive a thank you message from the business. This campaign worked well because AMC was able to use “Buzz Marketing” efficiently to make the fan base at Comic-Con to spread the news of their new season’s content. With more hashtag and tweets about an event, businesses can spend less on advertising and use their eager fans to tweet about something they like to receive more contact, this is a win-win for fans and business owners.

Twitter responded to the result of the Comic-Con experiment

“In a Crowded enviroment, this powerful new feature helped us give fans at Comic-Con and beyond what they were hungry for- more of ‘The Walking Dead'” – Suzanne Park VP of Marketing, AMC

Twitter reports that this beta testing of the Instant Unlock Card was seeing 34 free impressions for every 100 paid impressions. Twitter is taking advantage of their active community to create more buzz for their business users. This new ad feature has been taken off beta and is available for all for all Advertisers to use. Twitter’s main goal from this feature is to drive more conversation and engagement between businesses and users.



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