Twitter to Consider New Character Limit

The days of having a 140-character limit for a tweet may soon be over. Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet with more characters than their original 140-character limit. Twitter is expecting to have this new feature ready for the end of the Q1. The new character limit is rumored to increase up to 10,000 characters per tweet. This new character limit will be similar to that of Twitter’s direct messaging service. There is no set date for when this new feature will be released or if the 10,000 character limit will be the new official character limit.

Twitter is testing a version of the update where the initial 140-characters will appear first, then an additional feature will allow the user to read the rest of content. The whole point of this is to keep the interface similar to what they have now without introducing any radical changes. If tweets do become longer, the fear is that users might not want to consume the same about of content.

CEO Jack Dorsey has been trying to find new ways to reinvigorate user growth, such efforts include their most recent update to the twitter interface, Moments. These recent efforts to change the way Twitter works is a sign that the company is not afraid to experiment with new ways of doing things. Twitter’s 140-characters have been synonymous with the brand since the very beginning.

We do not know if these changes to Twitter’s character count will make any serious impact on the usability of Twitter but we will continue to monitor the official release date and any immediate impact that this update will

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