Twitter #Stickers Now Available As Ads For Brands

In June, Twitter announced a new feature called #Stickers. This feature allows users to add searchable emojis to their photos before sending the tweet with the photo. The roll out of this new feature has been very gradual as only a select few users have been given the opportunity to try this new technology. Even though there has only been a select few, there have been many tweets with #Stickers attached so far. Now, Twitter is opening this feature up to brands as Promoted Stickers, which can help in a brand’s social media advertising because who doesn’t like adding things to their photos?

Brands can now create four to eight stickers, which can be faces, items, props, etc, for Twitter users to add to their photos. Just like Snapchat’s story feature and their filters, photos with a brand’s #Sticker can be seen by the user’s followers. What makes Twitter’s feature different is that #Stickers are basically a virtual hashtag. If a photo has a brand sticker on it, the photo can be discovered and connected to anyone who taps on the brand sticker. This is a great opportunity for brands to engage with their audience.

Twitter is giving Pepsi the green light to be one of the first brands to try out the Promoted Stickers. Below is a tweet Pepsi Canada has sent out with the aforementioned Promoted Sticker. They are using the feature along with their campaign; Say It With Pepsi.

pepsi tweetIt is not known how much advertisers will be charged to use Promoted Stickers. In addition, they are only available to select marketers who have managed accounts.



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