Twitter Returns to SEO

Over the past year and a half, Twitter has done everything in their power to improve users’ experience to compete with the likes of Facebook and other social media accounts. Now, it seems that they are trying to improve their SEO strategy to help bring more visitors to pages.

They are working on creating hashtag pages that are friendly to search engines; so essentially they want search engines to crawl these hashtag pages, so that more search oriented visitors will land onto Twitter.

Twitter has said that SEO has help generate a 10-times increase in visitors to their site; Trevor O’Brien, Twitter’s director of product management, said that the social media giant made the adjustment to ensure Google and other search engines could access and read 50,000 popular hashtag pages.

Twitter has said this change in strategy helped increase the amount of monthly traffic, from 7.5 million, all the way up to 75 million!

A quick fun fact: when this giant social media site first launched, they had a deal with Google, which led to huge amounts of traffic coming from users searching on Google; however, the deal that was struck fell apart sometime in 2011. It is clear that Twitter is trying to amend whatever happened in 2011 with Google.

This just goes to show how important SEO is; a big popular site, like Twitter, is using SEO to improve and increase their traffic. SEO can and will help both improve your search results on Google and Bing, as well as increase the amount of GOOD traffic to your site!

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