Twitter Replaces Moments With Explore

Twitter recently made searching for trending stories a lot easier with its new Explore tab.

Twitter recently replaced its Moments tab with Explore: a new way that simplifies finding quality content on the app.  Explore allows Twitter users to find real-time trending hashtags, news stories, moments, and live videos all on one section of the mobile app.

Project designer Angela Lam says that after a year of researching the user experience with Explore, people noted that it helped make the search process a lot easier.  Lam also says the Explore page is a part of Twitter’s “continued efforts to make it easier to see what’s happening.”

Explore’s magnifying glass symbol in the app’s navigation bar is replacing Twitter’s Moments symbol.  The new Explore tab includes a search bar, trending news, and then Moments.  “Today’s Moments,” as it is now referred to, showcases top breaking stories in the form of Tweets and live video.  Explore shows specific trending topics in U.S. and world news, pop culture, and sports, while making live videos the frontline feature of the new tab.  Explore also breaks down different sections that include content about breaking news, sports, entertainment.

Explore is now available on Apple mobile devices and will be coming to Android users within the next few weeks.  Moments is still available on the desktop version of the site.

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