Twitter Is Now Launching Live Video!

With many other social media platforms offering a live video functionality, Twitter must keep up. Facebook has recently rolled out “Live Video”, and Instagram has recently rolled out “Your Story”. Twitter not far behind and you can now #GoLive on Twitter! You can now create and tweet a live video directly from the Twitter app.

smartphone showing Twitter Live

How #GoLive Works

  • Tap the “compose tweet” icon
  • Tap the “live video” icon
  • Frame your shot in the pre-broadcast screen
  • Press “go live” and start broadcasting!
  • To end a video, press “end video”

While you’re broadcasting live, your followers can see your video and tap to join in. While you’re watching a video, you can comment and send hearts by tapping the screen. You can also interact with other viewers by responding to their comments, viewing their profiles, or blocking their accounts.

This live video feature is powered by Periscope, a platform that Twitter acquired back in 2015. Twitter uses your Twitter account to log into Periscope so you don’t need to make an account with them. Users on Periscope can also join in on your live videos once you start broadcasting. You do not need to download Periscope on your mobile device or create an account with them in order to #GoLive on Twitter. However, if your Tweets are protected, you cannot #GoLive, but you can download Periscope and host a private line through the app.

You can discover live videos from your home timeline and notifications. They are also searchable in the Twitter app, Periscope app, and on the Twitter website. They can be embedded on other websites as well.

#GoLive will roll out to all users on Twitter’s Androids and iOS apps in the next few days.

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