Twitter Introduces “Moments”

As any knowledgeable social media marketer knows, new features to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn often get introduced in one of two ways: with great fanfare and excitement, or in a subtle, more “under the radar” way. For many, Twitter’s introduction of the “Moments” feature falls into the latter category – in which case it’s worthwhile to examine the new addition, as well as its function. Although updates to commonly-used platforms are often seemingly small, you never now how said updates may benefit you in your social media strategy.

What Are Moments?

In a nutshell, “Moments” are the best, or most-talked-about stories on Twitter. Realistically, Moments are 2015’s version of the front page of a newspaper. Whereas “Trends”, which live on the left-hand side of one’s Twitter dashboard, are a summation of trending topics, Moments offer a more-detailed glimpse into what’s going on in the world (in a more visually-appealing format). Within one’s Moments section lies headlines, along with a brief summary, image and category (i.e. Sports, Politics, Entertainment). The following moment from today (Friday, October 9th, 2015) illustrates this further:


As one can see, even President Obama’s dog’s birthday can make the Moments section.

How Can I Take Advantage of Moments?

While your company may not be worthy of appearing in the “Moments” section, social media marketers can use Moments to get an idea of what’s happening within their industry. The essence of social media platforms – most notably Twitter, is to contribute to a conversation about a popular topic or even better, one that’s meaningful to your business and followers. To borrow the “Bo Obama” example again, dog groomers, walkers and other canine-related businesses would want to incorporate that particular Moment into their daily Twitter postings. One cool sub-feature of Moments is the ability to see what others are saying (as with Trends) about a hot topic. For social media markets, this is your opportunity to see if any of your followers are joining the conversation.

What Else?

As with any new addition to a social media platform, marketers should experiment, but take Moments with a grain of salt. Facebook and Twitter often roll out features only to remove them not too long after their release. On the surface, Moments looks to possess some staying power – for how long is the question.


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